Dear Textiles Podcast Episode 4, Interview with Austin Rivers of Knit the Rainbow

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Episode 4 is here! In this episode, I’m speaking with Austin Rivers, the founder of the nonprofit Knit the Rainbow! Knit the Rainbow was founded in June 2020 and collects garments for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in New York City. In this interview, you can hear more about why Austin created tKnit the Rainbow, the directions in which they organization hopes to grow, how you can help them and more!

We also talk about starting a nonprofit during a pandemic, why LGBTQ+ youth of New York City need your handmade items, the growing problem of homeless LGBTQ+ youth and why handmade goods can feel like a hug when someone made them. 

Whether you knit, sew or crochet, there’s space for you to volunteer with Knit the Rainbow. You can also help if you’re a yarn shop owner, a pattern designer, a knitting/crochet/sewing teacher or have money to share! 

If you’d like to find out more about Knit the Rainbow and how to help their mission or if you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ youth community in New York City, you can find out more about the organization here:

Also, this episode includes a big reminder of why if you have an idea for a project, you should share it on the internet. 

I loved getting to know more about Austin and his nonprofit and how he has helped LGBTQ+ youth in NYC and connected with the fiber arts community all over with what he’s doing and where he’s going!

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Connect with Knit the Rainbow on social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Show notes (links to things we discuss in the interview): 

All photos in the carousel below, as well as the header image above, were provided by Austin. (Thanks, Austin!)

Dear Textiles Podcast Episode 3, Interview with Thao Phuong of TextileSeekers

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For episode #3, I’m speaking with fashion designer, consultant and entrepreneur Thao Phoung, who runs textile impact retreats in Vietnam with her company TextileSeekers!

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The beautiful journal that Thao has worked on during the pandemic about textiles and Vietnam, which we discuss in the interview can be purchased at this link: 2% of the journal purchase is donated to the Pacific Links Foundation, which supports survivors of human trafficking.

To learn more about Thao and TextileSeekers, you can check out or follow @textileseekers on Instagram.

The photo of Thao above is by Bèla Adler.

In the carousel below, the photos of the journal are by Celia Suárez. The photos from Vietnam were taken at the last TextileSeekers retreat and the captions on the photos were provided by Thao.

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  • Sapa’s magical sunset lights

Dear Textiles Podcast Episode 2, interview with Sigrún Bragaddóttir

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Dear Textiles now has an audio component! You can find Dear Textiles episodes over at Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor, Apple podcasts and more! Yay!

The Dear Textiles logo is by Clarisse Hassan.

Episodes will be released biweekly. The first episode is about my journey to textiles and how they helped me feel again and connect with my creativity after being numb for a long, long time. You can hear it here.

For the second interview, I talk to Sigrún Bragaddóttir a teacher, artist, crafter and craftivist from Reykjavik, Iceland. We talk about using craft as way to heal and connect and about Sigrún’s own work and journey. 

You can connect with Sigrún at her website, and on Instagram @sigruncraftivist and on Facebook:

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